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Nicolas  Lavarenne

Since 1984 the sculptures of Nicolas LAVARENNE are shown all around the world and make part of private and public collections of art-lovers, whose requirements have not been deceived.....Urban installations succeed to enable a very large public to appreciate his work. Nicolas Lavarenne takes a major place in my choice and I have the feeling I transmit my passion to many visitors of St. Paul de Vence, where his sculptures are represented permanently.

Art works

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Pauline's comment

This self-taught artist, it has been much said, commented on, glosé, and its approach to pulling the sculpture to gravity in the stain of the stand. In this desire to be closer to the divine of transmuer material, animate the bronze can be seen just an incarnation of the vocation of the artist, demiurge. These strung body expressing the effort, the suffering, the energy? At the time, no doubt, because that is the life that offer these sculptures, a complexity where excels Nicolas Lavarenne talent. "Art reconciles with life" it proclaims. Putting there order, probably, re-establishing fair proportions, introducing perfection. At Nicolas Lavarenne sculpture is an entry, each muscle a letter. His art is the voltage in the physical sense, realizing this balance of forces between pleasure and pain, wisdom and concern. His latest works the rest mark an evolution towards greater fluidity, with less acrobatic postures. And a reintroduction of the feminine of soft forms previously absent, as is robustness architecturés body more than seductive which interest this artist. At the top of his art, Nicolas Lavarenne séduit, key moves, fascinates even, imbuing his bronzes undeniable poetic dimension. © Jacqueline QUEHEN



ARTENCIEL, a tour through the heart of art in the streets of Saint Paul de Vence

More than 20 artists their time and talent in the proposed theme: “Movement in Art”.


22 monumental sculptures by Nicolas Lavarenne installed in Aix en Provence

Nicolas Lavarenne, invited by the city of Aix en Provence until September, has taken over streets, squares and museums with 22 monumental sculptures.... Pure magic !!!


Awaited for by all collectors .....

Nicolas LAVARENNE announces the presentation of his latest sculpture: the Guetteur, of medium size – 2.70m, that will not disappoint art collectors.....



Interview with the artist in his studio


News & events July in Saint Paul de Vence / France

Here is the list of the main events in July in Saint Paul de Vence with, in particular, the presentation of new sculptures by Nicolas Lavarenne....



Hotel Restaurant Alain LLORCA ****L


If the Spring was ....

About thirty sculptors have invested the wonderful parc Valrose in Nice until 20 March 2010 adapt perfectly to place, with the assistance of Nicolas Lavarenne which presents a new piece "Challenge" , grandiose, vertiginous, almost unreal .....


ARTENTIEL, the event around the sculptures to Saint Paul de Vence ....

Excellent new: the monumental sculptures installed in the village of Saint Paul de Vence will stay longer than expected for our greater pleasure !