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François  Anton

A breath of fresh air and mischievous happiness crosses the theater of his canvas while each painting takes us back to the land of childhood and comic strips .... Magic of the brush, facetious mind. Anton speaks the universal language of our love for life .... he invites you to join the ring and let your mind dance while observing a goldfish, play leapfrog or off-ground tag .... Be careful, you just leaped on a "trottinette" to meet up with the artist and you'll soon find yourself projecting the same gestures, familiar or unusual ! Back to reality : A highly talented and fully accomplished artist ! Welcome to Anton's wonderful ring of happiness !

Art works

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Pauline's comment

A child's spirit, a great talent, those two words could resume the skill of this self-taught artist born in 1944. He paints his lifestyle, serene, sensitive, away from the hustle and bustle of high-life. Uneven and muffled texture in various shades of grey, blue, red, pink beat the tempo of an unambiguous stroke giving life to delightful characters who recently jumped out of their canvas to be set into bronze sculptures bearing their familiar gestures.



Nouveaux tableaux de François Anton

Avant de rejoindre François Anton à NYC ... quelques oeuvres ont choisi la Galerie Art Seiller à Saint Paul de Vence pour le plus grand plaisir de Pauline ...


ANTON, a real treat, on the gallery's walls

Some new acquisitions have been delighting the many visitors to the Art Seiller Gallery in Saint Paul de Vence


François ANTON always present at Art Gallery Seiller

Glance malicious in this world of gross ....


François ANTON exhibits at the Art Seiller Gallery

In the mood for poetry ? Anton's artwork is poetry, with a profound lightness. A puff of fresh, unpolluted air. A relished curiosity. A touch of universality .....