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Evelyne  Almayrac

Born in 1943 in the south of France. Has a first contact with the potters Vallauris and frequent their workshops, the work of the clay will lead latest toward the ceramics in Madrid follows courses of modeling, towers and various techniques with Pedro Pablo Gomez, professor of Official School of Ceramic of Madrid. Also follows courses with Liliane Caumont to l Workshop Eucaliptos. Also follows intensive courses, the more remarkable: - Courses of manipulation and possibilities of ovens by Manuel Keller of Ingenieria 2000 - Courses Estiu-Japo, with various masters japanese - courses with Hannibal Savaro - courses with David Leach - courses with Arcadio Blasco and Pompeo Pianezola 1980 begins her professional life, installs its workshop in Boadilla del Monte (Spain) dedicated fully to the ceramics 1986 First Price of Ceramic city of Alcorcon 1990 transfers its workshop in Villaviciosa de Odon and continues its creations with Carlos Tobio Workshop Quimera 1996 Second Price of Ceramic House of the Culture of Majadahonda, Madrid 1997 obtains the Price Acquisition of Contest San Agustín de Ceramica at Aviles 2000 The work of This workshop receives the price of better craftsman, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid 2003 finalist of the contest Unique Piece of the City of Madrid 2003; the Price Competition of Ceramic of Majahonda 2003 Selected Assistance from Mostoles 2004 finalist of the Contest Unique Piece of the City of Madrid

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