Curiosity ...

LAVARENNE 203 petite PantereI learned that a few new pieces were born this winter under the fingers of Nicolas Lavarenne in the calm of his workshop ... the secret is well kept but you will of course the scoop of their discovery at their final patina ...





  • LAVARENNE  Petit Archange

    LAVARENNE Petit Archange

    Bronze original - 80x80x43cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petit Ilfocifer

    LAVARENNE Petit Ilfocifer

    Bronze original 30X24cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petit Serment II

    LAVARENNE Petit Serment II

    Bronze original - 20X38X10cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE  Petit Homme Fleche

    LAVARENNE Petit Homme Fleche

    Bronze original 100X40X17cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petite Panthere

    LAVARENNE Petite Panthere

    Bronze original 30x15cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Furtif

    LAVARENNE Furtif

    Bronze original 30X28cm - 8 ex.