Art Seiller is getting closer to Gantois

Galerie GantoisArt Seiller Galerie has moved closer to the Galerie Gantois in Saint Paul de Vence for a partnership around the work of Nicolas Lavarenne. 

Galerie Gantois.
The Galerie Gantois is a unique art gallery located at number 56 rue Grande in Saint Paul de Vence and It has been active for several decades in the south of France.
In the sixties, the close ties which Mr. Louis Gantois Senior, being then a "merchant of colors", maintained with Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Hartung, Buffet and many other great creators, aroused his art dealer vocation since 1963.Three generations of merchants have succeeded each other for nearly fifty years to guide and advise art lovers and give the Galerie Gantois its expertise and know-how. The gallery has organized more than ninety cataloged exhibitions of its artists over the last twenty years and has collaborated on several occasions in exhibitions outside its walls. Charles and Nicolas Gantois currently offer a set of contemporary works of great creators as well as confirmed artists.

Created on January 8, 2019.

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