This winter, I have chosen to change my life rythm, to take my time and to slow down my pace after fifty passionate years spent with you in my art gallery... So many years during which I have happily welcomed you, guided and advised you, playing the part of a "ferry(wo)man" between the artist and the art collector! Fifty years during which your trust has honored and delighted me... However, after all pauline31 12 02those years, tastes, trends, expectations and behaviors have inevitably evolved. It is time to adapt to them. I will still be living in my beloved Saint Paul de Vence village but as early as 2018 begins, Art Seiller Gallery will only use the numerous modern communication tools which are now available to keep contact with you ! Same phone number, newly designed internet site and professional Facebook account of course...
Artists have assured me of their loyalty and we will go on our way all together differently!
Pauline Seiller-Christ

Art Seiller Galerie has moved closer to the Galerie Gantois for a partnership on both sides around the works of Nicolas Lavarenne.

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06570 Saint Paul de Vence, France
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Lavarenne Lavarenne


Anton Anton


Patrick Christ

Patrick Christ

Fondacaro Fondacaro


Benharrouche Benharrouche


Conte Conte


Hasch Hasch


Hayoz Hayoz


Kracov Kracov


Machado Machado


Saam Saam


Sak Sak


De Schwilgué De Schwilgué

De Schwilgué

Tassou Tassou


Wohlfahrt Wohlfahrt


Marie Octavie Marie Octavie

Marie Octavie

Morales Morales


Roger Mühl Roger Mühl

Roger Mühl

Galerie GantoisArt Seiller Galerie has moved closer to the Galerie Gantois in Saint Paul de Vence for a partnership around the work of Nicolas Lavarenne. 

Galerie Gantois.
The Galerie Gantois is a unique art gallery located at number 56 rue Grande in Saint Paul de Vence and It has been active for several decades in the south of France.
In the sixties, the close ties which Mr. Louis Gantois Senior, being then a "merchant of colors", maintained with Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Hartung, Buffet and many other great creators, aroused his art dealer vocation since 1963.Three generations of merchants have succeeded each other for nearly fifty years to guide and advise art lovers and give the Galerie Gantois its expertise and know-how. The gallery has organized more than ninety cataloged exhibitions of its artists over the last twenty years and has collaborated on several occasions in exhibitions outside its walls. Charles and Nicolas Gantois currently offer a set of contemporary works of great creators as well as confirmed artists.

Created on January 8, 2019.

Marc Massa opens to the public his foundry where the sculpting artists of the region and all the Europe regularly work ... Marc is a talented artist who not only gives life to the works of the other creators, but knows how to innovate constantly in the techniques new ...

The art foundry distinguishes itself by its mastery of all the stages of manufacture of a sculpture and proposes at the same time its services of foundry, moulder, chisel-fitter, skater, creator but also metallurgist. Brass Bronze develops its own equipment and techniques, translating exclusive know-how. This allowed him to obtain in 2009 the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, the excellence of French know-how.

The showcase of the workshop is represented by the exhibition places of models drawn for sculptors and creations of the workshop. Now, thanks to Ateliers d'Airain, we can also come to do art workshops at the workshop with experienced artists who have the pleasure of sharing their experiences to offer a unique and personalized approach. Initiation and advanced training courses in sculpture techniques, with the possibility of having it made in bronze.

Some artists who chose Bronze d'Airain 

Geneviève LEGRAND

ALLENBACH2002-INTERVIEW.jpgJealously guarded in my personal collection, Allenbach's "Red Peonies" remain the only ones to show you ... they bloomed in 2002 shortly before the disappearance of the artist. Here is also a picture during an interview.ALLENB PIVOINES ROUGES G

LAVARENNE 203 petite PantereI learned that a few new pieces were born this winter under the fingers of Nicolas Lavarenne in the calm of his workshop ... the secret is well kept but you will of course the scoop of their discovery at their final patina ...





  • LAVARENNE  Petit Archange

    LAVARENNE Petit Archange

    Bronze original - 80x80x43cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petit Ilfocifer

    LAVARENNE Petit Ilfocifer

    Bronze original 30X24cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petit Serment II

    LAVARENNE Petit Serment II

    Bronze original - 20X38X10cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE  Petit Homme Fleche

    LAVARENNE Petit Homme Fleche

    Bronze original 100X40X17cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Petite Panthere

    LAVARENNE Petite Panthere

    Bronze original 30x15cm - 8 ex.
  • LAVARENNE Furtif

    LAVARENNE Furtif

    Bronze original 30X28cm - 8 ex.

ANTON REQUIEM POUR UN VASE DE CHINE GAlways in two dimensions, of cabriole in pun, Anton keeps the lucidity of the child in the game, juggling with the illusions and the real one. Without naivety, without nostalgia. This innocent recreational paradise, he recreates it as he pleases, awakening in the adult a real joy of this regained universe. It is not surprising that the myth of the clown, the mountebank, mirror theme of the artist and the child confused here.

23, Courtine Ste-Anne - 06570 - Saint-Paul de Vence - France
Mob:+ 33 (0) 612 64 01 70 - RCS : 405197195