Airain Bronze Foundry

Marc Massa opens to the public his foundry where the sculpting artists of the region and all the Europe regularly work ... Marc is a talented artist who not only gives life to the works of the other creators, but knows how to innovate constantly in the techniques new ...

The art foundry distinguishes itself by its mastery of all the stages of manufacture of a sculpture and proposes at the same time its services of foundry, moulder, chisel-fitter, skater, creator but also metallurgist. Brass Bronze develops its own equipment and techniques, translating exclusive know-how. This allowed him to obtain in 2009 the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, the excellence of French know-how.

The showcase of the workshop is represented by the exhibition places of models drawn for sculptors and creations of the workshop. Now, thanks to Ateliers d'Airain, we can also come to do art workshops at the workshop with experienced artists who have the pleasure of sharing their experiences to offer a unique and personalized approach. Initiation and advanced training courses in sculpture techniques, with the possibility of having it made in bronze.

Some artists who chose Bronze d'Airain 

Geneviève LEGRAND

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23, Courtine Ste-Anne - 06570 - Saint-Paul de Vence - France
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